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The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa
USD 250 - USD 450 per night
Villa Anahata
USD 250 - USD 450 per night
The Ylang Ylang
USD 450 above per night
Kei Villas
USD 250 - USD 450 per night
Bisma Villa
USD 150 - USD 250 per night

  Cheap & Luxury Bali Private Villa Vacation Rentals, provider of affordable/cheap & luxury private villas in Bali is always motivated in providing you every possible way to find you the best villas for your holiday in Bali. We have carefully selected the Bali villas only the ones with all the qualities every traveler always looks for in the very first place.
Whatever location you choose, there is always a good Bali villa for everyone.
Although Seminyak villas, Canggu villas, now are enjoying the fame, still other Bali villas in other locations are worth checking out, also the prices might be cheaper.

Staying in a villa instead of a hotel in Bali is solely important especially for those seeking the most comfortable accommodations in Bali without being bothered by other tourist. The modern travelers always expect for the finest in personalized services as well as facilities and of course most importantly privacy, and a villa is just the type of accommodation that fits these type of privacy oriented travelers. You can turn on your ipod music on a loud speaker and still you are allowed. Therefore, we at will work hard to make every possible effort in fulfilling the guests’ requests for a private Bali villa accommodation.

When staying at a Bali villa, apart from privacy, many other important aspects are taken into account, from the facilities, amenities, services, staffs, surroundings, or accessibility. Every person has different consideration and therefore the villa that he/she needs might be different than others. So this is also another reason why you should choose your villa in, because don’t list more than 50 villas; our list are short but we only list villas that are proven to provide comfort.

Bali with its diversity in tourism objects, arts, views, cultures, tradition, and people is always enchanting to be discovered and experienced. Moreover, the existence of Bali villas in the idyllic areas even could add more thrills and appeals to the area. Now, where ever you go in the Kuta area ( Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan) you are likely to stumble upon a Bali villa. What you need to do is just choose which one is more suitable for your needs but be careful not all villas in Bali are backed up by professional service & management. If you love shopping, then choose one of the most desirable Seminyak villas.

Forget staying at a Bali hotel, offers selected Bali villas that will provide you comforts, spaciousness, space, and services at the reasonable prices. When staying at the Bali villas in our list you will be enticed to do everything, from in-villa dining, in-villa spa treatments, and in-villa cultural activities, all you need to do just pick the loveliest activities from the menu. Lastly, when staying at Bali villas, you already know that you will be spoiled for the best choices.

Atlantis Bali Diving
60 € - 150 € 150 € - 250 € 250 € Above 6 Room Villa 5 Room Villa 4 Room Villa 3 Room Villa 2 Room Villa 1 Room Villa